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Original Humpback whale tail design from Alaska created by Jim Lesh



Jim Lesh with his pewter whale tail sculpture at Glacier Bay, Alaska

Jim Lesh was raised in Alaska and lived there all his adult life. He worked on the Alaskan pipeline in the 70's before becoming a commercial fisherman in the waters of the North Pacific. This is where he observed the graceful nature of the humpback whale and used his natural artistic talents to capture this sleek whale form in a 3-D sculpture. His original design and self taught sculpting talent resulted in this beautiful whale tail form that we reproduced in lead free pewter for him and his customers in Alaska. Through a mutual agreement with Jim, we will now offer his original copyrighted whale tail design on-line through our company website for sale to customers in the 'lower 48'.

These heavy weighted pewter whale tail castings measure 8 inches wide by 8 inches long and weigh more then two pounds each. They will be available in a limited quantity for deliveries in time for Christmas for the whale lover on your list. Please contact us for more information or to place an order.

Pewter Humpback Whale Tail Design Forms

 Design Style

Retail Price Each
Pewter Humpback whale tail form -  Priority Mail shipping not included $155.00
Pewter whale tail bookends mounted on an oak base currently unavailable

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